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Sharing asbestos information that saves lives

Who are we?

UKNAR (UK National Asbestos Register) is a new social enterprise established to help management and dutyholders manage asbestos simply and safely while better informing and educating those people who may be at risk.

Why do we exist?

We wish to improve education regarding the dangers of asbestos, reduce the number of accidental exposures and help prevent thousands of future deaths from asbestos related diseases.

How does this affect me?

Because the use of asbestos wasn’t banned until 1999 it is estimated that asbestos may be present in up to 50% of all UK homes and 500,000 workplaces built before 2000. Over 75% of schools and hospitals contain asbestos.

What can we do to help?

All existing asbestos registers can be uploaded to the UKNAR database and linked to Asbestos SMART technology. Dutyholders can then make this key information instantly and freely available to all those that need it.


  • “Our Multi Academy Company were lucky enough to be selected to take part in one of the first Asbestos SMART trials within the education sector. We cannot praise the UKNAR team enough, their passion for saving lives, time and money has helped us to ensure we are compliant. It also helps us sleep at night knowing we take Asbestos seriously, and with the help of UKNAR we can easily identify the dangers in our school buildings.” Asbestos SMART is money well spent and we wouldn’t dream of being without it”

    Amanda Hodder
    Chief Finance & Operations Officer
    Emmaus Catholic Mac

  • “Asbestos SMART finally gives me a proper overview of what’s happening across my properties with asbestos. Contractors are now one click away from all the information they need before they start works within our properties.”

    Luis Da Silva NEBOSH, BSc (Hons)
    Senior Facilities Manager
    Knight Frank

  • “Asbestos SMART proactively promotes good public health and safety practice and helps us to look after everyone who uses our buildings…we can protect contractors, visitors and occupiers alike.”

    Jason Taylor
    Head of Central London FM
    Knight Frank

  • “All of our contractors now have to scan the Asbestos SMART QR-Code when they sign-in at Reception, which means I know they have seen the relevant information they need.”

    Paul Greenhalgh
    Facilities Projects Co-ordinator

  • “I am suffering with mesothelioma and believe in Asbestos SMART. It should be in all workplaces, schools, universities and public buildings. Everyone knows a school or a workplace that would benefit – so let’s spread the message far and wide so that we can prevent further accidental exposure, save lives, and make our world safer for everyone’s lungs. Let’s right the wrong and get SMART”

    Dr. Mavis Nye (Hon) BCA. BEM
    CEO Mavis Nye Foundation

  • I am amazed how practical, incredibly easy and affordable the Asbestos SMART system is. It’s a wonder that we haven’t had something like this before in the UK: a national register to protect people against the dangers of asbestos.”  

    Liz Darlison, MBE
    CEO Mesothelioma UK

    1 in 3

    Construction workers have never seen an asbestos register


    UK deaths from mesothelioma
    in 2018


    UK workplaces still contain asbestos

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