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Why does asbestos exposure continue to happen?

Asbestos is often disturbed by people present on site: occupants, surveyors, maintenance contractors, IT engineers, small works contractors etc. who are either unaware of the presence of asbestos or its danger.

Despite the clear legal requirements placed upon the building’s dutyholder and their own employers they have often not seen the asbestos register that shows where the asbestos is hidden. This ignorance puts themselves and others at risk. 

“One in three construction workers have never seen an asbestos register” -
IOSH April 2018

The same is undoubtedly true or worse for many other types of workers.

The net result is that despite improvements, asbestos is still potentially fatally exposing more people in UK workplaces each year than any other direct cause of workplace death.

“There is no absolutely safe level of exposure to asbestos"  - OSHA

Fortunately, UKNAR, using simple Asbestos SMART technology, gives you the means to provide immediate access to the asbestos register to everyone who needs it when on site, just by using their mobile phone.