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Asbestos SMART features and benefits

Asbestos SMART simplifies compliance and saves time, money and lives. 

Take a look at the benefits Asbestos SMART offers

  • Provides unrestricted instant access to clear, easily readable asbestos registers for your contractors, staff, tenants, or visitors; simply by scanning a QR code – no password required.
  • Registers can be broken down by property, floor or zone depending on the complexity of your building.
  • Registers are presented in a comprehensible and concise standard digital format.
  • Auditable trail of usage (QR-Code scans) – monitor and report on the date, time, IP address, name, and organisation of the user.
  • Contractor sign in feature – Links to registers can easily be incorporated into work orders and instructions to contractors.
  • Line of sight – View asbestos risks across your entire portfolio of properties, including number of registers, number of ACM’s, re-inspection renewal dates, etc.
  • Easy to update registers – you or your consultants, can quickly and easily edit, amend, or update your asbestos registers, either manually or via CSV imports.
  • Compatibility - Documents or data from any or multiple consultancies or IT systems can be used. This remains your data, always accessible in the event of future change of provider.
  • Provides a great storage facility for all your compliance data, viewable either privately, or for contractors and staff to access by scanning a QR code.
  • Controlled document access– you can choose to password protect ‘other’ documents you wish to share.
  • Minimal training required – simple and intuitive system. UKNAR will provide all requisite training needed to use the Asbestos SMART management system.
  • Acts as a 24/7 visual reminder and education to all – increases asbestos awareness.
  • Simplifies compliance and saves time, money and lives.
  • CSR/ESG – UKNAR CIC’s charity partner, Mesothelioma UK receive 5% of Asbestos SMART revenues annually to help them support their 2,700 mesothelioma patients.

Asbestos SMART is available  as either a software only or managed option – dependent on your organisation's size and internal capabilities.