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What can we do to help?

Hundreds of thousands of UK workplaces, public buildings, schools, hospitals and homes still contain asbestos and despite improved legislation, there are still many thousands of accidental exposures to asbestos every year: mostly because people are unaware of the presence of asbestos or its danger. 

UK National Asbestos Register

UKNAR have built a scalable platform that, with the help of dutyholders, will allow us to create a national database of asbestos registers for UK buildings. All existing asbestos registers can be uploaded and linked to our simple Asbestos SMART technology. Dutyholders can then make this key information instantly and freely available to all those that need it, fulfilling their legal obligations whilst helping reduce the number of potentially fatal accidental exposures.

When you upload your asbestos register into the UK National Asbestos Register our simple Asbestos SMART technology can help you generate signage and documents that will provide instant free access to the asbestos register for occupants, visitors and contractors allowing them to understand where asbestos is present just by using their mobile phone.

Training & Education

UKNAR also wishes to improve the education and knowledge about asbestos and its dangers. We provide links to short online videos to help educate the public and contractors about the dangers of asbestos and how to avoid endangering themselves and others. You may copy and distribute these to help protect others.

Please note that these educational links do not replace the need for the appropriate level of formal asbestos training that may be legally required.